Sunday, 1 May 2011

Captain's Day 2

At least I don't have to look at the long range weather forecast any more. I've been checking for the 1st of May for the last couple of weeks and seen everything predicted from rain to sun with high and low winds. But on the day it was fine. So I don't care any more; the course needs rain, apparently. Let it rain.
I can't quite believe that it's been 8 months since I "drove-in" having cancelled the competition because of the wind and rain - only 4 months to go before I have to find a parking space again. But it was worth postponing the competition because the 1st of May was perfect weather, just as a second shot off the tee is (almost) always what you meant to do in the first place.

It was also much easier second time around with no drive-in to worry about and no evening party to arrange. I hoped I'd be able to relax, read the papers and occasionally meet players and offer a drink and a snack. But between the first person coming through at about 8.45 to the last group at 4.30 there was a steady flow which left little time for the papers. I was impressed at the (general) quality of the drives after the drinks; with one or two exceptions they were of a high standard, whether that was the audience, the drink, natural skill or luck I’m not sure (it probably depends on the individual concerned).Specific highlights of the day, part from watching the drives, were meeting Pixie, the Clubhouse’s new resident and racing around the course at the end of the day on a buggy collecting the various nearest pin/longest drive markers. Lowlights were forgetting the sunscreen, running out of sausage rolls and noticing how many walkers took little notice they were walking across a golf course.
There were too many players and prize-winners to highlight individually - the results list is here - but I should mention John Porteous who had the best gross, Tony Cawthorn who won and Trevor Thompson (on his return to competitive golf) who had the longest drive. I would mention Mark Dawson's second shot to 2ft or so on the 18th but Peter Sanderson told me it was mis-hit.

Lastly, thanks to Trish, Sally, Jamie and Seonaidh for helping during the day, Chris and Peter for helping me pack up, Keith for arranging and managing the competition, and those who played in the competition and visited during the day.

Watching the drives

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