Thursday, 5 May 2011

NNL Match 1

The new league arrangements have home and away matches for the 7 teams in Division A: the draws are a bit strange as we start off with two away matches followed by a bye, we play Dunstanburgh two weeks in a row (one being the first knock-out round and then Rothbury two weeks in a row. But I suppose that just shows it really was a random draw.

Our first match was at Alnwick (renamed Alnwick Castle), scene of our defeat in the Mail on Sunday: it was interesting to walk around and re-look at the holes I messed up and see how they should be played. It was sunny but cold; the course looked to have continued to improve with the new groundstaff they have.
We started well - and at the fifth hole, supposedly sheltered for watching but actually freezing - Bamburgh seemed to be up in every match and mostly to win that hole - but then we slipped a bit in the middle sections where a lack of familiarity with the greens gave a home advantage. Three matches went to the 18th, the last two in dusk, Alex Mackay sinking a long put to give us an 8 - 4 victory.
As always, Bamburgh's support outnumbered the opposition at least until about two thirds of the way round and the Champions League semi-final was on TV.
Next match: 11 May, Foxton away.

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