Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The McAdam Foursomes - my one and only round

Our McAdam Foursomes match was tricky: Johnny Moffet and Joe Clements had won the event in 2009, they continue to improve and are in form at the moment. We had however agreed to play (at the last available time) after Joe had played two rounds in the Dalgleish Cup so he should have been tired. We also agreed to use buggies which took some of the time and hassle out of it. And my partner, Mike Robinson, had just had an auspicious day. Luke Donald had just become the world's No1 golfer. And some time ago, in the last century, Mike had beaten him in both a singles and a Foursomes match.

It was a great game; perhaps not up to Donald's standards but quite a few shots were pretty good. It was a beautiful evening, at no time was there more than one hole in it and specifically we were all square after 9 and on the 18th tee (and the 15th and 17th tees as well). But I lost my drive and although we could have managed a three with the second ball a steady par gave Johnny and Joe a desreved victory on the 18th. The timing was impeccable: it then started to pour.

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