Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wet Weekend

I said last week, “Let it Rain” but I didn’t mean during golf. Actually, if you were clever, or careful, you could miss the rain. I played later than usual in the Buckley Tankards. We hadn’t booked a tee time which meant we went out when it was dry. It continued that way as we saw lots of wet people coming in. It stayed lovely and calm until sunset; you’d think we’d be able to do well and indeed we came close. But not close enough.
Although unintentional at the time, my 17th was homage to Seve Ballesteros. A drive into the hill just short of gorse, a second sliced close to the second green, a chip close to the pin and a putt for par and three points was (apart from the lack of talent involved) reminiscent of his great escapes.

It was harder to avoid the rain on Sunday, except in the clubhouse, but theTexas Scramble Open still had a full turnout with most seeming happy with the event and the course and ready to book again next year. John Porteous’ team won: a home victory.

Just as on Saturday, the weather improved at the end of the day.

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