Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Millennium Putter

Having turned up on time, aka half an hour late, for Saturday's competition I was in a two-ball at the back with Phil McDonnell (who also turned up on time, half an hour after our draw was actually made). This was actually very relaxing, a good preparation for Captain's Day on Sunday. The course was in excellent condition and importantly the trailer was ready and waiting at the 12th tee (and thanks to Bruce Douglas and Bill Robinson for that). The downside was that my handicap continued an inexorable rise, by 0.1, towards 18 and there were a fair number of birdies - John Porteous in particular had 5.
Dick Little starting off wearing his Mexican bandit's hat. Can't think why.

Interesting comment from a couple of visitors who played at the end of the day, who were members of Royal St Georges (where the Open is being played this year). They described the course as excellent, not only for its location but also its condition.

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