Monday, 16 May 2011

Luck! : The Blackheath Trophy

Luck! (or something similar) was what I said to myself when I hit two balls out of bounds on the 18th after a decent drive.
My first bit of luck was bad and suitably on the first: having driven left I gently chipped the ball onto the green; except that it actually lobbed 90 degrees sideways in an arc straight onto Dick's head. Fortunately he was wearing his cap. That left me with a 5 and Dick with a sore head.

I've written before about his cap and it seemed to give my ball good luck as I collected lots of points for various pars and a birdie, including chipping in on the 14th. But from then on it all went wrong, with just three points in the last four holes. I had been hoping for a decent handicap reduction if not a prize but I suppose a mixture of good and bad luck is better than no luck at all.
We were all lucky with the weather: it was one of those days where you could see heavy rain showers (and briefly even lightening) all around and yet on the course it was mostly dry.

Ali Darling, who was first with 39 points, wouldn't have needed any luck, nor Ian Brown who was second. Based on the treatment of his clubs at the 5th however, Jason, third, might have needed some.

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