Friday, 27 May 2011

Mixed Sevensomes

The idea for a couple of summer mixed greensomes had been to benefit from the calm sunny summer evenings for which the course is so well known. It was in fact fairly calm. Warm and sunny it wasn't but nevertheless seven people turned up to play. We had tried a number of formats in winter, but not a sevensome (if there is such a word). But rather than split the group we decided to do this, splitting into three teams with a random draw. All seven of us drove, which created an awesome sight at each tee (I think "awesome" is the appropriate word).
A combination of fading light and players on 10,11 & 12 made us play 13 holes only. Steady faultless play from Bill and Fiona gave them victory; I think Nicky and I could just have won if we had averaged out the last five over nine and the first eight over nine, or indeed had we played better. John, Tony and Margaret suffered from harsh handicapping after the success of the three-person teams in winter.We have another couple of these games planned later in summer. I was a bit worried about introducing yet another event in a fairly crowded golf calendar, but I think they've worked well - those who've played have enjoyed them and they've introduced a few people who didn't know each other before.

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