Tuesday, 2 August 2011

That's golf for you

Actually, it’s life as well.

I watched the Ladies Championship final, played for the Joan Phillips trophy, and as Joan was a distant relation and had originally proposed me for membership I was honoured to present the trophy – to Lynne Johnston, who had played Nicky Rose and won 2 & 1. The match was well supported, close and exciting. Alison Lambert refereed with style and conviction.

It wasn’t all a bad weekend for Nicky – on Saturday, she equalled the ladies course record with a 70. And also on Saturday Peter Sanderson equalled the men’s record of 63 in the Challenge cup, although this wasn’t enough to win as there was a net 57.. But 63 is a pretty impressive result.

I remember the “handicapping myths” I looked at last year when ruminating on handicaps which confirmed that low handicappers generally win – although I continue to believe that our competitions should have a maximum allowance of 18 as a condition of entry (and in this case it wouldn’t have made any difference to the result).

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