Friday, 19 August 2011

Last Things

The season is coming to an end at a rapid rate: twelve months ago August 2011 seemed a long way off - a year away, even - but as a number of people had predicted the last few weeks of captaincy fly by. I missed out on the McKeag competition (I had guests to play, but saw a pleasingly large number of people take part) but did get to the final competition of the Workmen's club.

This was the captain's day, with a special "hidden hole" prize, and the Tea Caddy/Purvis Tankard competition which had been postponed last week. This meant we had to record gross, net and stableford scores. The main things I learned about the club, whose annual subscription of £5 is an even better bargain than the main club's, is that the standard of golf tends to be high, that they have good trophies and most importantly they have a prize for last place on their captain's day. Bill Robson was looking smug about this, but he hadn't taken account of my lack of ability (an 11 on the 11th and 4 points on the back 8 must surely be some sort of record) and my 24 points romped home. Of lesser importance, John Moffet and Dan Taylor won the gross and net prizes respectively.

On the subject of good trophies, earlier in the week I presented the prizes for the Junior championship, well organised as ever by Keith Whitfield. Despite a wet afternoon, there was a good entry and Johnny Moffet won the gross competition (the RS Rutter trophy) and Tom Hamilton the net, Alex Mackay being second in both.

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