Thursday, 4 August 2011

Final NNL Match

The weather was perfect and the course looked good for our final league match of the year.

As always a decent group of our supporters turned up but unusually a bunch of people came from Foxton as well: their captain had commented to me the other day that he felt lonely with the number of spectators we provided so he had obviously drummed up support and some caddies for their players. It was an important match for both teams which would probably decide the league title.

Unfortunately, and despite (?) the sugar rush Keith's sweets provided, we got off to a bad start. But we then started to come back and at the 14th tee vantage point all the games were close, with Chris Forrest (a welcome new addition to the team for this game) being in the lead.
They all went to the 17th or 18th, and walking down the 17th with the final game we were all square; we then lost one match and Johnny Moffet needed a good putt to halve his match and leave us with a 5 - 7 loss and a technical chance of still winning the league (rather than a 4 - 8 result which would have meant Foxton would win). And the last putt of our season duly went in for a birdie and a 5 - 7 loss. I got a lift to Alnmouth station afterwards with some of the Foxton team; they had enjoyed the close match and would have settled for a 5 - 7 loss themselves.

2011 final putt..

It was a disappointing result - probably the week before had sealed it against us - because the team had done well for most of the year after a slow start. But at least there's been a proper fight for the league title; the two division split with home and away matches has worked well as has our team. Thanks to Peter Sanderson for being team manager and leading from the front, to regulars Mark Dawson, John Moffet, Johnny Moffet and Angus Smith and the others who took part: Colin Brown, Alex Mackay, John Cairns, John Porteous, Chris Forrest, Peter Hinson and Phil Holmes (apologies if I missed anyone out there). And thanks also to the many supporters.

Meanwhile, in other countries, Garrick Porteous has been selected for England in the Home Internationals played in Ireland next week; he is currently playing in the European Amateur championship in Sweden (the leaderboard is here for the next couple of days; at time of writing he's in the top 10 after two rounds).

Update: he was 9th equal in the European Amateur.

Update 2: England won the Home Internationals, and Garrick was one of only two unbeaten English players over the three days.

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