Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tea caddies and coffins

A couple of things to round off the season - I had wanted all year to play in one of the Workmen's events (I would have joined this long before, but they play on a Thursday evening when I have other commitments). It's an important part of the club with a history (as a separate club) going back to 1904. So I turned up for the "Tea Caddy" competition only to find a healthy attitude to poor weather: it had rained all day and so too few people arrived to play. Hopefully I can do so next week.

The day before, I'd gone to Foxton watch the final nail in the coffin of the North Northumberland league this year as they played Alnwick. It was a drab evening but an exciting match: Alnwick needed a decent score to avoid relegation and they very nearly got one - three matches went to the 18th and they were up towards the end. But in the end Foxton won 8 - 4, so winning the league.

(Alnwick are in a play off with Rothbury to see who is relegated; Seahouses join Division A next year, with a play off between Longhirst Hall, Foxton B and Goswick B to see who else comes up. Bizarrely the play off is a stableford comptition; Concerningly none of the three are ideal: Longhirst is in North Northumberland only if you are fairly fluid with geography and I'm not sure it's desirable to have a seven team league containing two teams from the same club. However, the North Northumberland league did agree the former and the latter has happened by default).

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