Monday, 6 June 2011

Seahouses Friendly

As I drove into the car park, Radio 4 said it would be cloudy at first, then sunny and dry. Well, they got that one wrong. Aside from that, and the result, the day went well.

Seahouses seem to pick Captains who are good at golf*, and Chris Taylor played beautifully, complemented by Dave Watson; John Cairns and I admitted defeat on the 14th. As did the next group out, Keith Whitfield and Michael Robson who might have had a chance if they'd had full handicap difference: otherwise Scott and Gary just played too well (lambs to the slaughter acording to Michael). All the other groups had close games going down to the 18th, so we had to wait in the bar for the last group (who'd had to start late) to struggle down in the rain to find out the result. And could you pick a better last group then Derek Haggerstone & Ian Coulthard v Rob Ritchie and Steve Wharmby? They halved their game, not quite good enough for us to halve the match: we lost 3.5 - 4.5.

The salver we won last year was unfortunately stolen in the burglary earlier in the year so we re-presented to Seahouses the valuable china plate Scott prepared last year. And then listened to Rob explain some of the finer points of womankind followed by Derek reintroducing us to Luigi. And then? Back to the bar.

* As did Bamburgh Ladies: Nicky Rose shot a 70 on Saturday, a new ladies course record.

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