Friday, 10 June 2011

NNJL vs Magdalene Fields

I hadn't managed to get to a junior league match this year, but went to watch the team play Magdalene Fields. I'm not sure either side will want to see me again as whenever I approached a group they seemed to either lose the ball or hit it out of bounds (especially, unfortunately, our team).

Eventually that improved and the team played well (a special mention to Sam Aldred who won 6&4) but with the result being a 2 - 2 draw.

My main question? How, when even Trevor was dressed warmly, did so many of them manage in just a t-shirt?

(A couple of years ago, Newcastle's Centre for Life carried out a study to see whether there was a genetic reason Geordies wear few clothes on a night out, but never published the results. I spoke to one of the analysts there to find out the results; they concluded there was no genetic reason, mainly because the North East comprised such an amalgam of people from various backgrounds (thanks to various invasions and incursions) that there was no unique genetic factor. They put the habit down to other factors: "adaptive not genetic". People get used to the cold; people in the North East are more overweight than the average Brit (natural insulation) and for thinner people, active metabolism keeps them warm. And lastly: peer pressure.)

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