Sunday, 12 June 2011

Invitation Day

Friday: sunny and calm.

Saturday: cold, wet and windy.

Sunday: sunny and (fairly) calm.

Spot the difference.

Yes, it was an important day at the golf club, Invitation Day. We had a full day of tee bookings and when, as the rain fell harder and we discussed mid-morning whether or not to play I was impressed that no-one had pulled out so far. But the weather did remind me of summer holidays at Bamburgh when I was a kid: looking up at the sky and saying isn’t it clearing up over there? And then continuing to say it, incorrectly, pretty much all day. And that is what I kept on saying while we waited to go out (fortunately, my fellow 1.40 tee time players decided not to play so we went off at 3.00, fortunately because it was clearing up and we actually had three holes at the end without much rain). Four groups decided not to play: eighty six did; not everyone finished but 172 people started. That says a lot about our members and guests (I’m not sure what, but a lot). And there were some good scores, with three teams, including two who played in the worst of the weather, getting 41 points.

I hope everyone who took part will look back on it as an enjoyable experience, one of those that are better looking back on: I know my guest, who had driven up from Kent, will not forget golf in the North East.

Can you blame a captain for the weather? Not really. But it didn’t stop people trying. “Jonah Woodman” Trevor called me on the lovely summer’s evening on Friday as the Junior team was (just) beaten in the league knock out by Linden Hall. Hmmm.

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