Saturday, 18 June 2011

Brass Monkeys

This year's Brass Monkeys Summer trip was to Musselburgh Golf Course, a good venue as it's:
a) the right side of the Edinburgh by-pass
b) mostly flat.
And although it had a lot of bunkers that were easy to get into, they were also quite easy to get out of - especially given the practice most of us had.
There were two important prizes at stake: the best score for the two rounds, won by Peter Sanderson, and 8th place, giving the responsibility to organise next year's trip, won by Robert Renner (8th, not 1st, to make sure there was no malpractice).

Keith Wright got a (n expensive) hole in one at the 16th.
Helpfully, it remained dry virtually all day despite a forecast of rain all day, proving that I can attend a golf event without bad weather.

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