Monday, 6 June 2011

Armstrong Trophy as it happened

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: Gordon Stephenson. I got 5 Shots. I lost the ball on the first hole: 1 down. (But I never do well if I play the first hole well). Got it back on the 2nd (drive onto the green). Tight match - all square after 9 and then after 11. 1 down after 12th (to a birdie) and then halved holes up to 16. Yas hit unlucky second into the hill, lost ball, so all square. 17th: My drive: onto the green; Yas into the field. I got the birdie. 18th: Decent drive; Yas hit iron. His second: a few feet from hole, as was my third (a bit closer) having just avoided bunker with 2nd. All down to the last put: his for birdie was about an inch short. Mine for par (and a half on 18 and a win) went in.

Yas' drive on the 3rd: a part of the course you don't see very often.

Round 3: Johnny Moffet. Only two questions, really: could I last beyond the 10th hole and would we finish before the rain came. 16 shots should help - but inevitably I lost the ball on the first hole. I got a three with the second, not good enough. Drive at the third into the gorse on the third: 2 down. A couple of pars net birdies helped make it all square after 6: result! Then a hole where I didn't get a shot.. lost to a birdie and to one on the 9th. 2 down after 9: pretty good, and then a par at the 12th and a rare dropped shot by Johnny left me one down. But a drive into the gorse (followed by a second shot with the second ball into some other gorse) on the 13th and into the bank on the 14th left me 3 down with four to play. And then the rain came. I played 15 well but not well enough and we walked in, Johnny having played par golf to then.

There's always next year.The rain on its way..

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