Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The luck of the Draw

Successful golf brings together a number of skills: hand/eye co-ordination, muscle control, timing, judgement, concentration and so on. And even before you start the game, there’s other skills, perhaps the most important being the ability to draw cards properly.

I arrived on Saturday second only to Chris Hall, and fifteen arrivals later ended up choosing the groups by drawing the cards. We had a five-ball at the end; I drew myself, as well as the third and fourth people to arrive, in that last group out. That’s just inept. So I’ve found some useful sites about how to manipulate cards. Next time, I’ll be out first.

The golf? To mis-quote Sven, first half good, second half not so good (although with one birdie); John Porteus and Hugh Adair had 40 points but were beaten on countback by Malcolm Cresswell. Perhaps the best news of the day was that when I left the clubhouse Arsenal were 4-0 up at St James’ Park.

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