Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mixed golf

The second mixed greensomes event went well - a slight imbalance in numbers, with more men than women, meant we had a two man team and a three person team, but that just added to our egalitarian and flexible outlook.

I played with Nicky Rose and the Paynes; Nicky and I started well with 23 points on the front nine but then frittered shots away to end up with 39. The Paynes managed a consistent back nine of 24 points to give them 41 - despite an intriguing shot, one of the most accurate I've seen had it been intended, into a small GUR hole where it disappeared. My camera proved it had drifted out of reach down the drain, so making a rules judgement a bit easier (they put a new ball down behind the hole).

41 points was not enough; the dream three person team of John Porteous, Keith Whitfield and Margaret Heatley came in with 43. Fortunately Nicky had a spare bottle of wine in her car to give them a prize each.

Next event: Sunday 20 February.

There were a couple of things to note on Saturday by the way (apart from my first ever birdie on the 9th):

- Robin Williamson's return to competitive golf, with a drive to a few feet from the pin resulting in a peerless par, and

- Mark Dawson taught me how to work out 3/4 handicap differences easily (divide the difference by two, divide the result by two and add them); previously I'd done what any good accountant would do and waited for someone else to tell me.

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