Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Conundrum of Captains

What is the collective noun for a group of golf club captains? This came to mind as I went to the annual dinner of the Society of Northumberland Golf Captains (effectively, a past captains society so I went as a guest). Bamburgh has good connections: we have provided more captains of the society than any other club, the last being Ian Miller in 2009 (and last year's was Ian Patterson, although representing Alnmouth).

Over 270 past captains/captains were crowded into the room, an impressive sight if 270 captains impresses you. A web search suggests (for golfers generally) a shank, a divot, a bogey, a tedium, a sadness and a course. Other thoughts were a society, a flight, a desperation and a hazard. John Taylor suggested a pomposity; that remains my favourite.

The main speaker was Sandy Strang. I took many notes of his jokes for repetition at various friendlies - I was told no-one would recognise them because of the way I'd tell them. Our table added interest with a sweep on the length of the speech. Hugh Adair, in form, was closest to the 36 minute 42.9 seconds actual with 35 minutes.
Strang said he had written a book about "Council Golf": "How to hit a maxfli out of the rough.... After hitting a wilson off the tee."

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