Sunday, 20 February 2011

Social inclusion

The third mixed greensomes drew another decent group despite cold and slightly damp weather which got colder and dryer as the day wore on; this time we had slightly more women than men but Nicky's methodical and unbiased analysis split us into 3 groups, one a three ball sixsome. Or something.I was paired with Alison Lambert who showed that ladies continue to focus on quality golf when picking captains; fortunately the men are less fussy. But actually I was not too bad; so which of my shots would she talk about in the clubhouse? My perfect shot out of the bunker on the fifth, landing inches from the pin? The drive on the 9th (helped a little by the wind) stopping just short of the dip? No, it was the missed 10 inch putt on the 18th. Never mind, we were leaders in the clubhouse until the last group came in: but yet again, a married couple, John and Mel Downs, won it with a creditable 38 points. (David Cameron hasn't yet picked up on this as a reason for promoting marriage).
Saturday saw a real test of group dynamics. Usually, when it's bad weather people drift in having left their clubs in the car. They have a drink, a coffee and agree it would be stupid to go out. But then one or two people (usually from Belford) take their clubs out the car, suggest it would be wimpish not to play and the rest of us follow like sheep.

I'm proud to say that on Saturday I didn't. I watched three people tee off and then stayed indoors.

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