Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sand Play

The papers were full of comments about the 16 taken by Kevin Na on a par 4 in the Texas Open. Not good – but little did I think we’d come close in the greensomes this weekend. Close; not 16 – but two 10s. Both due to bunkers. It took us 4 to get out of one on the 3rd, 5 on the 13th. The good news was that there was no point apologising to each other after the first few sand shots; also that the charity bunker payment is restricted to £1 a round. Bill Robson – for he was my partner – blamed the sand, and as it can’t answer back I’m happy to agree. We debated in the clubhouse whether to remove those bunkers but instead will take the slightly more expensive but constructive solution of getting new sand for the course’s bunkers. But they’d better not do that again. Elsewhere on the course, people were playing normal rounds of golf and in particular Tony Cawthorne and Bill Brook had a near-flawless round (was that normal?) giving them a net 55 and first prize. This should have set up Tony to do well in the Daily Mail Foursomes match with Ian Brown against Eyemouth on Sunday but unfortunately things didn’t work out quite as well. Daily Mail Foursomes – after it was all over.

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  1. Hi John, over the last couple of years i've came up with a couple "improvements to the course" usually after a horrendous round .The main two which i've suggested to Bill Robson is to erect a 100ft high fence running down the wall at the 17th to stop those loose shots drifting over to the field. The next being to raise up the tee box on the 4th so that when i over do my "power fade" I can see where the balls lands(usually deep in the dunes). I'm actually on holiday at the moment down in France to visit my in-laws who live here now, and we don't get back until late on Sunday 1st so, unfortunately i'll miss your captains day.I send my apologies for this and hope you have a great day and hopefully better weather!.
    Phil Holmes