Monday, 3 May 2010

North Northumberland League: Match 1.

The sun shone. The wind blew. Magdelene Fields looked fantastic (except for the caravan park). It was the first NNL match of the season, featuring a first time start for Robbie Redpath, the man in form. And as always, Bamburgh had the most support – about ten hangers on compared with Magdelene Fields’ one.

The course looked to be in good condition but the greens were very slow compared to Bamburgh – which was a disadvantage for our team, one we always seem to find at this course. It was a close match till the end, with the final put determining whether we would halve or lose 7-5. Unfortunately, the sun didn’t delay its setting for the match to finish and the only two groups which went to the 18th were the last two. Which meant the final putt was in the dark and failed to drop.

7-5 is a good result for us at Magdalene Fields; for some reason the NNL matches are always played in the same order each year (alternating home and away), so institutionalising any unfairness in the draw. When we won the league in 2008, we started with an 11-1 defeat at Magdelene Fields. So a 7-5 loss is OK.

The next match is Goswick A at home, starting 5.30 to 6.00.

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