Monday, 3 May 2010


One of the biggest surprises of my life was when John Cairns came to see me to ask if I’d like to be Captain in 2010-11. My first response was YES!! But my second was more doubtful; I’m not particularly good at golf, and as Treasurer I had just pushed something good for the club that members had not approved. I talked to a couple of people – who said don’t be stupid, enjoy it - and went with my first response.

Our captain is selected by the last five captains, so not including the next year’s captain, the one who would have to put up me as vice captain. I think this approach is good; it provides a thread of continuity but minimising chances for a clique to develop. Fortunately John Taylor was happy with me, but it will be interesting to see in August who will be my Vice Captain. I have some ideas about who I would pick; they’ll have to remain private. Clearly being called "John" is an important requisite.

I have three main fears about being captain: the Drive-in, making speeches and lastly not having the time to appreciate it during the year. This blog is to solve the third problem – it’s designed to be a record for me to look back on afterwards, but I hope it will also give members a chance to get some details about what’s going on at the club. I’m going to warm-up by periodically posting during my Vice-Captain’s year.

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