Monday, 24 May 2010

Finance Committee: May

Attending committee meetings is obviously the best part of being involved at the golf club - certainbly it beats playing the way I did in the competition on Saturday; the conditions were glorious but someone had put cellophane over the holes so putts did not fall. Or at least mine didn't: the winner had a net 60, but of course he played earlier in the day.

We had a finance committee in the morning to review the latest results. April had continued in the same vein as the first quarter, with visitor fees being well down on last year, partly the weather and partly a lack of visitors in the area generally. We'll need to watch this carefully. Having put up the subs a lot last year, we don't want to do the same this year (although the waiting list has stayed at a similar level) - but we do need to recognise the fact that inflation is increasing.

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