Sunday, 24 July 2011

Couves Goblets

Yet another weekend passed without a full round of golf, but with a very enjoyable alternative: Nicky's matchmaking skills paired me with Gemma Baird in the Couves Goblets, one of the two main mixed competitions, this one a foursomes format. My luck was Gemma's misfortune, but we managed a decent first half - despite the wind - before I started finding obscure gorse bushes with my drives on the back 9.
We did think we were watching the winners: Nicky and Will are a good combination and they put on a good exhibition until a flirtation with the practice ground at the end meant they were in second place. Despite the wind, there were a good number of entries; as I've noted earlier I hope mixed golf continues to develop at the club. Not to take over, but it's a nice complement to the usual stuff.

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