Sunday, 20 March 2011

The end of a dream

It's hard to think of a better matchplay team than Trevor Thompson, Michael Thompson, Phil Holmes and Mark Dawson - even with me included. Experienced, match fit (all in the top 7 in the the week before's competition) and even (apart from Phil) on time.

Apart from the Alnwick team.

Their captain had chosen the leaders of the winter league and had not selected himself: a wise choice I should also have made.

We had the third round of the Mail on Sunday competition on Saturday, away against Alnwick. I was starting to get excited about reaching the finals which are held overseas - Phil had said he had alrrady bought his shorts and sunglasses - but sadly Alnwick won 3-2 despite the best efforts of Michael and Phil who won their matches. Trevor's and Mark's results are, like my golf, probably best forgotten (Mark said he felt abused).
I hadn't played Alnwick before: it's a club which had got into financial difficulties and has been rescued by a new owner who has recruited new greenstaff and is investing a lot of money into it. It will take time for this to take effect but their team was understandably very bullish about the future and the layout has great potential. The course had some features which fitted my game: the opening downhill par 4 teasing a big drive - mine flew at least a foot into the air, diagonally, landing just in front of the ladies tee. The 8th is open on the left side having only one tree in over 300 yards. The tree that my second shot landed underneath.But, as someone who must have lost something once apparently said, it's the taking part that counts. And good luck to Alnwick for the next round.

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