Monday, 21 March 2011

Experience over Youth

Each year at the start of the season we host a match between a North Northumberland League team and the County Juniors (who included two of our members, Johnny Moffet and Chris Forrest). It’s a privilege to do this and hopefully the teams enjoy the challenge and playing the course. It’s the first time we use the white tees each year and the first time there’s a formal event: I felt under-dressed when I saw the number of suits, ties and badges* filling the bar. My job was to welcome the teams at the formal meal and to make sure the club behaved itself: accordingly I changed into jacket and tie+. And suitably, the sun came out and the course looked good.

Youth had triumphed over experience over the previous five years but despite a good start the situation reversed itself this year with the League winning 4-2 – a fitting result to salute the last match under Malcolm Lynch’s chairmanship as he steps down in April: ever- genial Tommy Cowie from Seahouses is likely to take over and was also present.
The golf was impressive – perhaps more importantly so was the collegiality of the two teams, especially the juniors who were well turned out, practiced together and waited to support their teammates when they had finished their game. I wish them luck in their season. My only worry was the time the whole event took; most players were at the club for almost 8 hours. Perhaps that’s inevitable but it’s a big commitment which – as many clubs find with friendly matches – can put people off. + But which tie? Decisions like this make or break a captaincy. The Captain’s tie? Too pretentious with so many officials about. The club tie? Too formal. I went with the old club tie; I think it worked.

* (Apparently Bamburgh has a captain’s badge somewhere but it went missing a year or so ago: a bit like Austin Powers' missing mojo, it’s disappearance could explain why captains’ golf is never quite as good as it should be.)

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