Friday, 3 September 2010

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Past Captains' Day: a chance for the great and good who have gone before to play and eat and reminisce. And as a courtesy, they invite the new Captain to join them (probably not expecting it to be written about).

As with every day since last Sunday, the weather was fine; the course was in great condition and even better the competition was off the yellow tees; there was also no pressure because as a guest I couldn't win. But I did come a notional second (equal) to Bill Robinson's 40 points.

There were 21 for dinner; I was at the end of the table next to the most recent (John Taylor) and most long serving (Lord Walton) past captains, with the others in chronological order. Hopefully the table will get bigger over time as I slowly migrate round. The lights went out at our end (an indication of the decaying electrics in the clubhouse and the need to renovate it) so we had candles. Very festive.

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