Thursday, 2 September 2010

First job

The best part of being Captain so far is being able to sweep into a parking space on a busy day. Like on Wednesday which saw my first duty as Captain, to present the prizes at the annual Pro-Am tournament.
First however I had to play. Despite a very professional professional our team just didn't click; if one played one hole badly then we all did (although Jim Findlay in particular had some inspired pars which kept us in sight of a level score) with the team even running out of balls (in more ways than one) on the 11th tee. We managed to come a creditable last - someone has to, after all, and in a way it was my duty to do so.

Elsewhere on the course there were some good scores in unusually calm conditions, with the winning pro scoring 63 (helping his team, Dick Little's team, come into second place with -20 so winning the decanters rather than the chessboards). The winning team managed -26: the pro for that team works at Morpeth with the winning pro so there should be a post mortem.

The NE&NW PGA organise these events well, and we had 28 teams take part with about 8 pros bringing their own teams. Anything over 20 is good for this type of function so I'm sure we'll do it again next year.

Before prize giving I popped into Seahouses initially to support but then to commiserate with the ladies NNL team, who were in a first place play-off with Rothbury. Sadly they didn't quite win (it would have been their first ever first place, and in fact it was Rothbury's first ever first) but second is one better than the men's team managed. So congratulations...

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