Saturday, 4 December 2010


The course is still closed; a pretty successful year has been bookended by bad weather (I gather the week's bar takings were less than £10). I'm stuck in London, where there's a dearth of snow but a lot of Christmas Lights.It's a chance to catch up with various things, one being a new sign for my charity box, people (especially Julie) having told me that the current one is too small. Because my charities have a family cause it's also an excuse to stick a few old family photos on the site.
The Mizen Head in the 1950s
My parents are self evidently the reason I'm here, but also the reason I've settled in Seahouses: we always came on holiday here, as had they when they were kids. I therefore decided to split the penalty for making a mistake on the course between the two charities which research, and try to cure, the illnesses they died of - Cancer Research and the National Osteoporosis Society.

The last few years have seen a charity box for going in bunkers and for driving out of bounds on 17 and 18. I briefly thought about one for going in the Dinkie but decided to stick with bunkers; first, this catches golfers of all skills and second (as someone pointed out) it'll raise more money - and that is surely the point.

The other photos are of, in order, my family on the beach (Bamburgh) in 1960, my grandparents on the beach (Bamburgh) in 1921, my other grandparents on the beach (Beadnell) in 1939 and my parent's wedding.

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