Saturday, 20 November 2010

Why I hate golf at Bamburgh

The ball won't go where it's put(t).
The mat on the 8th.
The approach shot on the 9th never goes on the green, it goes in the gully.
The extra bits of gorse on the 10th.
The rise on the 11th. However good the drives on every other hole, this one always hits the hill.
The third shot on the 12th goes nowhere near the green however good the first and second are.
The second shot off the fairway on the 13th is always scuffed. And the ball - when it eventually gets there - always rolls off the back of the green.
The fact that every stategy on the 15th leads to the third shot not being on the green.
The 16th is stroke index 18 and my handicap is 17.
The practice ground by the 18th.

I usually like the 17th, though. And the bar.

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