Saturday, 30 October 2010

Careful your trolley isn't on bricks

It’s been obvious for some time that the clubhouse needs major work. But it’s not surely in a bad enough state to see the signs of decay you’d expect from a blighted area. Yet last week that is what happened: the bar was filled with Liverpool flags, mementos and posters. People wore pictures of Liverpool players on their backs (that is the pictures were on their backs rather than being of the players diving). There was even (inexplicably) a picture of Alan Shearer on the window.

But in fact this wasn’t a sign of blight (I need to be careful with this post: remember Boris Johnson being sent to Liverpool to apologize for being rude about it?).

It was a carefully planned and generous surprise for Kipper’s 60th birthday set up by Fyona and Keith to be waiting for him after his golf. Lots of people turned up to wish one of the nicest people around a happy birthday and to share a football shaped cake. All this, and no more Hicks and Gillette: no wonder Kipper looked happy.

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