Tuesday, 22 June 2010

NNL Match 8. And is the world coming to an end?

It was another glorious evening at Bamburgh, and the golf wasn't too bad either. I arrived late about half way round to discover that we had already won two matches, and were up in the others. The surprise was that Mark Dawson was 3 down (with 4 to play) - although he was playing the Seahouses captain, who had thrashed me the previous week. But true to form Mark won on the 18th leading to a 10-2 Bamburgh victory.

The teams repaired to the bar, not to talk about the major talking points in the clubhouse: the arrival of a TV for the World Cup. Instead, they (and supporters) watched the TV.

So far, the club has deliberately avoided a TV: the main reason is that it becomes the object of attention and all other human interaction drains away. But we felt that the World Cup was a major sporting occasion, the first England match was on Gents Invitation Day* and we'd prefer people to stay around for the prizegiving. There's no doubt that it has made people stay longer and therefore helped bar takings - but it also takes over conversation. It will go once the World Cup is over (it's on temporary loan) but I'd be happy to see it return occasionally for major events. I don't think everyone would be, however.
Next match: 30 June against Magdelene Fields (away).
* One of the Invitation Day players obviously supported England:

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